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Stewardship Curriculum, Work-From-Home Ideas

By Heather Idoni

Added Thursday, February 10, 2011
Vol. 12 No. 10, February 10, 2011, ISSN: 1536-2035
© 2011, Heather Idoni - www.FamilyClassroom.net

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Homeschooler's Notebook Readers and Others Agree that All About Spelling is #1


"I thought we were perfectly fine with the spelling program that we were using until I started using All About Spelling with the girls.  And now I'm hooked on this program and thrilled that our girls look forward to spelling time and we love doing it together." -- Jolanthe S.


"This comprehensive spelling program combines the three most common learning styles (auditory, visual and kinesthetic) to teach kids how to spell. I was very impressed with this method, as I saw it work with my "frustrated with spelling" 8-year-old. Lets face it; 8-year-old boys would rather be doing anything but spelling, and mine was no exception. We had been using Explode the Code, which I like and he tolerates, though I sensed something was missing. I realized when I started All About Spelling he needed more than just moving a pencil across the page, he needed to be more active in his learning. That's why he took so well to this method.  All About Spelling gets a big 'A' from me!" -- Kathy D.


Read more from our readers as well as comparisons to other programs in a previous issue here:



Notes from Heather

Reader Feedback - Another Option for Teaching Financial Preparedness


"I was just reading through the newsletter quickly and noticed that nobody mentioned the Math-U-See Stewardship curriculum. I don’t know which of Dave Ramsey’s she was looking at as far as affording, but the one I saw was $120.  The Stewardship curriculum costs $80 - http://store.mathusee.com/  (On the right, click 'Upper Levels', then 'Stewardship')

My daughter used it as a senior last year and it was clear, very scriptural and she was able to do it with only occasional assistance on working out some of the more mathematical things (interest, taxes, etc). She loved the devotionals and how they tied each lesson to scripture.

Just had to share! Thanks for your fun newsletter!" -- Lynn


Your feedback is always welcome! -- mailto:heather@familyclassroom.net

Winning Website

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The link above goes to over 60 foreign language games and quizzes.  Buttons on the lower right hand side take you to geography and math games, too!  Great site -- easy to navigate and the applications are colorful, simple and fun.

Helpful Tip

Rod and Staff Early Math/Writing Fun


"How to write numbers correctly -- more penmanship than math but we LOVED this book.  This book teaches rhymes to remember how to write all of your numbers:  'Straight line down and then your done - this is how to make a 1'; 'Around and back on a railroad track' for the number 2.  This book was about $5 and worth a lot more -- I've ordered many for friends!" -- Nikki C.

Reader Question

"What legitimate at-home businesses (online) are there for homeschoolers that perhaps you have participated in?  I know there are surveys that you can take -- but most of the time I don't qualify for them.  If you do you are given incentives like gift cards or such.  What options are there out there for those of us who homeschool but also want to contribute to the family income?" -- Renee

Our Readers' Responses

Dear Renee,

I didn't receive any replies to your question -- but I'm not too surprised!

There are very few legitimate work-from-home opportunities to be found online. One reason, I believe, is that most legitimate work which is straightforward and isn't commission-based work involving cold sales, cannot be offered to the masses open-endedly. Most legitimate work for companies is limited, and therefore you won't see it broadcast to millions of job seekers. Be wary of those 'easy money' type offers anyway!

The best way to find work you can do from home is to spread the word among internet friends and let everyone know the skills you have and what type of work you would like to do. My opinion is that 'word of mouth' is the best way to find work -- either locally or online!

The other way to work from home is to start your own business. After the initial investments of time and money, you will make more profit (if you have a good plan and product or service) than you will selling something for someone else (like Avon or Tupperware, for instance).

The following sites have some decent advice and lists of ideas for at-home businesses you can think about:



Particularly pay attention to the idea of 'streams of income'.  For instance, I have a business selling books locally and also audio resources online (product sales - retail and wholesale).  I also have developed websites where I can take in advertising revenue (ad sales).  These websites also generate small amounts of money from Amazon.com commissions and a percentage of money from affiliate sales (residual income). This residual income is smaller, but I don't really do ongoing 'work' for it most of the time... and it can really add up!  In addition, I work hard at this newsletter and the money that comes from advertising and sponsorships is like a paycheck for my time (wages).  This combination of 'streams of income' keeps me from having all of my eggs in one basket.  By God's grace and blessing, it has gotten our family through my husband's lay-off, helping to pay for his tuition at nursing school as well as our mortgage.

Follow well-known homeschool entrepeneurs to learn more about streams of income and more.   For years the trend has been real estate investment (think Rich Dad, Poor Dad), but with the turn in the economy and the bursting of the real estate bubble, these creative entrepreneurs are diversifying with ideas that you need to read up on to really get those ideas flowing.

Don't wait for a job to come to you -- learn how to create your own opportunities!   Here is a good place to start learning -- there is a cost, but there are also many free forums online where you can read and learn as well.   If you listen to and study these entrepreneurs, you will reallly be inspired!

Link:  Homeschool Biz Expo

Get yourself a good mentor or two -- and jump in to start learning how you can supplement your family's income.

-- Heather

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