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Creation Sci Freebies, Teach Sewing, Money Management

By Heather Idoni

Added Monday, February 07, 2011
Vol. 12 No. 9, February 7, 2011, ISSN: 1536-2035
© 2011, Heather Idoni - www.FamilyClassroom.net

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Homeschooler's Notebook Readers #1 Recommended Spelling Curriculum


"Now that we have been using All About Spelling for two months and my two eldest children are midway through the second level, I have to be honest -- this spelling curriculum is wonderful! It works! I couldn't have even guessed that this curriculum would be so easy to use, develop my children's confidence so much, and yet be so efficient with our time! Wow! I am completely sold on this curriculum, and the great news is that my children are, too! They ask to do the lessons!" -- Michelle S.


"I just want to begin by saying... I love this spelling program! Being a homeschooler usually involves teaching in various ways to suit your particular children. My oldest daughter is more of a auditory and visual learner, while my middle daughter is more of a hands-on type learner. All About Spelling fits both -- and that is nothing short of amazing." -- Kelly


Notes from Heather

A Little Update on the Idoni Family

On January 28th our oldest son, Ben (who will be 21 in July), graduated from Fire Academy and is now a fully qualified Michigan firefighter!  After his graduation, and the subsequent blizzard, I headed down to sunny South Florida to visit my mother and then flew up to the Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference to participate as a vendor.  I grew up in Florida and it's always nice to return for a visit -- although things have really changed in the past 30 years.  I love y'all just the same!  :-)

In a few weeks 3 of my sons will be performing in a huge ballet production of Cinderella -- it is always a lot of work, but so worth the final result!  This is Carman's senior year and last official year with Young People's Ballet Theatre of Flint (he'll be 19 in July).  Carman may be going to Poland this summer to help teach dance with a children's camp and do street ministry.

Jim (my husband) is almost finished with nursing school.  He will finish the end of April and I know he'll be so glad to be done!  For those of you who don't know, Jim was formerly an engineer with General Motors.  He has a Masters in Manufacturing Operations Management, but always felt a pull to go into the medical field.  I just think he loves learning!!  :-)

Angelo, our 15 year old, is active in Civil Air Patrol and has shown strong leadership there.  I'm very proud of his efforts!  His current passion is vertical rope work -- climbing and rappeling out of trees.  He's also started training for our local homeschool football team.  Gabriel, 13, has started taking a cake decorating class -- he's happiest in the kitchen and is locally famous (well, at least among friends and family) for his Ratatouille.  Valentine, 10, helps student-teach a younger ballet class as well as enjoying dance classes himself.  He's also excited to play Little League Baseball for the first time this Spring!

Hope your days are as joyful and fulfilling as ours!  Life is short... savor every moment and enjoy your children.



Your feedback is always welcome! -- mailto:heather@familyclassroom.net

Helpful Tips

Learning to Sew - Book Recommendations

[Excerpted from a blog post by Robin at Crack the Egg Blog]

"Here are sewing books that my daughter used successfully. I can say they are truly well-written to the student, because I did not help her at all, yet she created the usual animals and pajamas, then moved on to designing her own creations.

You can read Robin's entire blog post about sewing machines and their history here:



Answers in Genesis Freebies

"If you sign up on their website for emails, you get a freebie every couple weeks.  Most of them are audio - but they are all great!  These are things they usually sell in their store." -- Mandi in Michigan

Here's the one for today:

Reader Question

Financial Preparedness

"My sweet, oldest daughter is going to college next year. Can you recommend a financial preparedness course for her as she takes on budgeting and the like as she begins to live on her own? We can't afford the expense of a Dave Ramsey type course but want to give her sound advice and guidelines before she leaves. Thank you." -- Jacqueline in Alabama

Our Readers' Responses

"Your local library should have the Dave Ramsey books and audio.  You could go through the book with her and show her how to use all the forms in the back .  Crown Financial also has many books that the library may have.  Both ministries have many helps online, too.   Also take her to the bank and help her to set up a checking and savings account.  Teach her how to use a debit card, show her how to pay bills and balance a checkbook.  Show her how to read a power bill, phone bill, etc., and how to compare monthly bills.  Teach her how to budget by taking a paycheck and dividing it into categories such as tithe, rent, utilities, savings, grocery, emergency fund and miscellaneous.

Have her plan menus and shop the sales fliers with a set dollar amount, say $75 for the week (depending on your family size).  Teach her about the difference between WANT and NEED; I want those new shoes, but my car needs new tires first." -- Moe


"Jacqueline -- if you contact me through my website, www.household-budget-made-easy.com , I will give you the same system I use with my financial coaching clients.   It will be at no cost -- a gift to help your daughter get on the right track early." -- David


"I highly recommend Crown Financial Ministries, which was started by Larry Burkett.   We’ve followed his principles since we were engaged, and 20 years later we’re still completely debt-free, including our college expenses and home mortgage (second home without one).   I know these resources would be a huge blessing!

Main page: http://www.crown.org/  

Teen Resources: http://www.crown.org/Cart/Individual/Teen.aspx  

College Resources: The Biblical Financial Collegiate Study - In the collegiate version of the 10-week Biblical Financial Study you will learn what Scripture teaches about managing all your possessions. http://www.crown.org/Cart/Individual/College.aspx  

College Articles: http://www.crown.org/library/default.aspx?catId=91  

The Importance of Assessment (for guidance on college majors& careers) - http://www.crown.org/Library/ViewArticle.aspx?ArticleId=199  

Career Direct Guidance System: http://www.careerdirectonline.org/

-- Julie C. in Illinois


"l am a Dave Ramsey listener as well and love the financial reasoning he has.   As my pocket book won't condone a debit for his curriculum, I have sought out other means.   I have visited the public library and checked out his books.

Have you thought of having your daughter read his books and assigning her projects on the principles that will be important for her as she begins to be out on her own?   How about giving her the family grocery money and having her be responsible for selecting menus and shopping for the family's food needs that would be both nutritious and money conscious?   If she ends up saving some money, then you could reward her by letting her have some of the leftovers.   The possibilities are endless. :-)

How about making your own curriculum from the sound advice he gives?   It might take a little creativity, but as a homeschooling mom you already know that most things set up by others may need a little molding to the individual.   Congratulations!" -- Anissa


"The Dollar Stretcher at www.stretcher.com would be a good place to start, and they have a question area that you can ask what they recommend. Their newsletter is always great and full of advice for professionals and individuals. It is actually where I found this newsletter!" -- Cheryl

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"What legitimate at-home businesses (online) are there for homeschoolers that perhaps you have participated in?  I know there are surveys that you can take -- but most of the time I don't qualify for them.  If you do you are given incentives like gift cards or such.  What options are there out there for those of us who homeschool but also want to contribute to the family income?" -- Renee


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