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Real Job Opportunity for Your Ambitious Student

By Heather Idoni

Added Monday, March 01, 2010
Vol. 11 No. 14, March 1, 2010, ISSN: 1536-2035
© 2010, Heather Idoni - www.FamilyClassroom.net

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Notes from Heather

Job Opportunity for Students with the Write Stuff


Do you have a child who loves to read... and could use a
great incentive to write?

Three of my boys, from 12 to 17, are now working for one
of my websites, EasyFunSchool.com, writing very SIMPLE
literature unit studies.  We agree on a book, and as they
read each chapter, they are writing down lists of potential
vocabulary words, reading comprehension questions, and
possible activity ideas.

I then take their research and convert it into a unit study,
polish it up -- and publish it online!

If you have a child who is interested, just send a proposal
with the titles of books you have in mind.  I will choose
one of the books from the list and then request a sample
chapter from your son or daughter.  Upon review, I will
reply with an offer that you can then accept or reject.

EasyFunSchool.com is the top-ranking Google search result
for the search terms "unit study" and "unit studies".  I
want to continue to add high-quality literature units to
the website... and I need extra help!

I'd love to hire your child.  Just let them know there is
a possible job opportunity and we'll see if they have "the
write stuff"! :-)



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Work At Home and create your own hours and income!

No Selling, No Inventory, No Home Parties, No Risk
Unlimited Free Support and Resources, including
Free Websites for Marketing, Free Tools, and Free Support.
Ideal for Home School Parents in need of extra income
Request More Information:  http://www.Home4Kids.com

Helpful Tip

Encouragement for the day... overheard on our
Homeschooling Gifted email group --

"Look at how the Queen of England taught her sons.

She did not send the Princes to public school.  She hired
tutors for them; gave them private instruction in her home
in the palace.

Are not our children the princes and princesses of our
hearts?  Do they deserve any less?"


Do you have an idea, experience, or tip to share? Please write!
Send to: mailto:HN-ideas@familyclassroom.net

Winning Website

Many Things -- http://www.manythings.org
Created for students learning English as a second language,
this interactive site has lots to offer elementary students
of all types. There are quizzes and games that reinforce or
teach in several ares of language arts including spelling,
grammar, and vocabulary.

Cindy Prechtel, www.HomeschoolingFromTheHeart.com

Last Issue's Reader Question

"I am searching for some resources to help teach my 2nd grade son about
authority. Biblical authority, civil authority -- all of the above. This
started when our weekly memory verse touched on the topic of authority,
and we had a couple of verses suggested to support it. But I truly feel
led to expand on this topic in family devotions time, because I feel NOW
is the time to settle this biblical principle. However, short of looking
up verses and a definition or two, I am only finding material suitable
for an adult reading/comprehension level.

Can you suggest any resources you may have or know of to help us train
our son about this valuable life principle? Thank you." -- Rhonda H.

Our Readers' Responses

"Rhonda, you are very wise to cultivate a commitment to this
principle at a young age.  You might have to develop your own
study.  Remember that one of the miraculous things about the
Bible is that it is always age appropriate.  The Holy Spirit
will reveal to each of us as we are ready to comprehend the
Word.  That's why each time we read through the Bible we glean
something new from it, no matter how many times we've read it.
Also, when a principle comes from the Bible, it carries more
clout.  So I think the Bible should be your primary resource
for this.  Romans 13:1-2 is a good place to start.  A study
of the gospels will reveal the times that Jesus submitted to
the authority of His Father.
Help your son identify all the different authorities in our
lives.  Especially help him realize that he will always have
authority to submit to; it's not just for young people.  Ask
him to think of ways people might defy authority, and what
the consequences would be.  Sometimes it is a life and death
matter.  Also think of the consequences of submitting.  Help
him list the reasons God placed authorities in our lives, and
what life would be like if there were no authority -- no
parents, no bosses at work, no God, no law enforcement, no
church leadership, etc.  One very important principle of
authority is that most of the time the authorities over us
have our best interests at heart, therefore since they want
what is best for us, we would be very foolish to disobey them.
Also, most authorities have greater experience and knowledge,
so their wisdom is worth heeding and they are worthy of our
respect.  You could also point out to your son that sometimes
we respect a position even though we might not have high
esteem for the person in that position.
Be sure to follow up your studies in your day-to-day experiences.
When you see your son questioning authority, remind him of the
concepts you have been discussing.  Teach him appropriate ways
to respectfully appeal to authority when he disagrees with
decisions or rules they have made." -- Mary Beth


"Rhonda -- Check out www.Doorposts.com.  They carry a wide range
of Biblical training materials for children of all ages.  Their
huge book 'Plants Grown Up' has an entire section on Leadership,
and teaches it from a Biblical perspective.  I think you would
find good ideas in this book for teaching authority and other
principles.  This book is a wonderful resource for teaching Godly
charcter traits of all kinds.  They have suggested activities
and readings for boys ages 5 and up, and you can pick which ones
would be best for your son." -- Anne

Answer our NEW Question

"I have been homeschooling for the last 8 years. My children are
15 and 14. My son (14) is doing well and has no problems other
than just not wanting to do the work. My daughter, on the other
hand, is really struggling. She has CAPD, ADD, Borderline Autism
Spectrum Disorder and Dyscalculia. She has good days and bad days.
Her school is really taking a toll. We have to constantly review
and repeat grades. Her math has really gone backwards and we went
from 4th grade level back to 1st grade. That's when we got the
dyscalculia diagnosis. She has memory retention problems and
that's why we have to review.

My biggest issue is, she tries really hard and has managed to
make daily life work for her, she just can't sit down to make
the school work look like she knows anything. Here in Florida
we had to register the kids with the local school district as
home-schooled students and they are bound by the state's home
school law. They must also take the FCAT testing each year. We
were in Missouri for all of their schooling until this past June.
My son has no problems taking the test, but I am concerned as to
the outcome. My daughter I know will never even be able to take
the test due to extreme apprehension. We are planning on dropping
her out of school next month when she turns 16 and continuing her
schooling 'around' the law. That may not be right in people's eyes,
but it seems to be a good answer for my daughter. My problem is my
mother-in-law. We live with her and she will not be happy with this
decision. What I want to know is, should I keep the info from her
and just continue as we are doing, or do I fill her in and then
deal with the fact that she already thinks I am a failure and all?

Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to help my daughter,
please let me know." -- Kristina B.


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