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Cloudy With a Chance, Book Swap, Kid's Geography

By Heather Idoni

Added Thursday, October 15, 2009

                The Homeschooler's Notebook
     Encouragement and Advice for Homeschool Families
   Vol. 10 No 76                          October 15, 2009
                      ISSN: 1536-2035                              
   Copyright (c) 2009 - Heather Idoni, FamilyClassroom.net

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  Notes from Heather
  -- Cloudy/Meatballs Unit
  Helpful Tip
  -- PaperBackSwap
  Winning Website
  -- KidsGeo.com
  Reader Question
  -- Fear is a Factor
  Additional Notes
  -- Newsletter Archives
  -- Sponsorship Information
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  -- Subscriber Information

       Notes from Heather

  'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' Activity Ideas!


  Since the movie is making its debut, why not go back and read the
  book to compare and contrast?  While you are at it, why not try some
  Five-in-a-Row style activities to go along with it?  The following
  unit incorporates social studies, math, science, language arts, art
  and life skills -- and it is an EasyFunSchool.com exclusive!



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  Individual States Study Notebooking Sets and 13 Colonies Themed
  Notebooking Pages!



      Helpful Tip

  "Our homeschool goes through hundreds of books every year.  As my
  youngest moves through books I post them at PaperBackSwap.  I
  alternate my credits from each child's interests to another.  They
  never know what package might be on its way -- one loves comics,
  another knitting, another dance.  I have turned our books into
  new school books and recycled rather than buying new!" -- Amy R.


  "As a homeschooler, one of my biggest needs is books, and one of
  my biggest obstacles is budget.  PaperBackSwap has helped me
  immensely with both!  I have sent out books that I have found,
  books that I have paid peanuts for at library sales, books that
  people have left behind when moving out... I have received grammar
  books, history books, historical fiction, biographies, and so much
  more to use in school!  And my husband has lucked out on some model
  railroading books.  We love it!" -- Marilyn C.


  Note from Heather --

  I just joined PaperBackSwap, too!  I listed 10 small softcover
  books I didn't need and 4 of them were on other members' wish lists
  so they were requested immediately.  I got 2 free books instantly
  just for signing up!

  Here is my referral link -- if you use it I will get credit when
  you join.  Thanks!


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      Winning Website

  Geology and Geography for Kids -- http://www.kidsgeo.com 
  This site is really two sites combined.  From the home page choose
  either Geography or Geology.  Either way you go, you'll be treated
  to information about our Earth, written especially for elementary
  kids.  Both "sides" also feature interactive games, which are great
  for teaching and reinforcing knowledge. 

  -- Cindy, http://www.HomeschoolingFromTheHeart.com

      Last Issue's Reader Question

  "Homeschooling has been on my mind for years.  My oldest child (daughter,
  turning 15) has just started a private parochial high school.  My two
  sons (12/6th grade and 9/4th grade) are beginning the school year at a
  private parochial grade school -- the same one that their sister attended.
  Here's my dilemma -- I have felt the pull of homeschooling for years.
  Fear is such a factor... fear of 'ruining their lives'; fear of what MY
  friends would say/do since it is just 'not done' in our community; fear
  of being really bad at it.  I have been lurking around on various groups,
  receiving emails from groups, and just afraid to take the plunge.  The
  boys (especially the 12 year old) are the ones that I am thinking of
  homeschooling.  The school is just not a good fit for the oldest, and I
  don't think the younger would be thrilled with going to school all day
  while the other one 'got to stay home'.  My daughter is finally excited
  about school for the first time, so I would definitely leave her where
  she is.  I guess my question is -- how do I take the plunge?  Will it
  work?  What if it doesn't and I make a huge mistake?  What if I have no
  more time for myself since the kids don't go to school (yes, selfish, but
  true.)  Ugh.  I definitely need some help!" -- Kathy

      Our Readers' Responses 

  "I could give all kinds of reassurances and ideas, but instead
  I'm going to give you an option.  See if Connections Academy or
  some other online school is available in your area.  Your boys
  would learn at home, you would be their learning coach - their
  primary teaching mentor - and you would have the help of a teacher
  at the online school.  This way your boys would be 'in school'
  (with a twist) and you'd have the flexibility you are looking
  for." -- Anne


  "If you feel it in your heart, do it.  If you feel it is best for
  you and your children, don't let others influence you.  They are
  your children and no one knows them better.  I suggest a lot of
  praying; I was in your shoes last year -- my son started middle
  school and it was not for him.  Then my daughter started 5th grade
  this year at home with us and it has been great.  My 17 year old
  son is still attending high school, but that works for him." -- Lisa


  "Homeschooling one's kids does not mean life enjoyment ends for you.
  It's a tough yet highly rewarding decision to make for one's family.
  It's all about praying, planning, and having true and sincere commitment
  to yourself and to your family.  Make sure you carry your children
  along with you when it comes to your 'me time'.

  I just started homeschooling three weeks ago with my two older kids.
  I am also a graduate student and I work from home as a freelance writer. 
  I love what I do (being in grad school and being a writer) and I love
  the fact that my husband and I made the decision to homeschool our kids.
  Though they are still young and are in kindergarten and first grade,
  I have learned so much within the past few weeks.

  So, switch off FEAR and switch on LIFE!" -- Maryam

     Answer our NEW Question

  "We are struggling with a teenager who has decided that public school is
  the path to success in the 'real world'.  According to him, it is a
  perfected system to which homeschool methods could never compare.  As you
  might imagine, we strongly disagree.  Some of our efforts to convince him
  seem to be helping a bit.  He is still doing well in all of his homeschool
  studies.  I recently decided we were going to take some time researching
  successful people who have been homeschooled.  I can think of a few, but
  I thought I would ask who all of you would include on this list.  Any
  other tips or ideas would also really be helpful.  Thanks." -- Betsy


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