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Welcome to Homeschool Country Living!

Did you ever want to milk a goat or gather *real* eggs on your own little farm? Ever dream of witnessing the birth of a foal on your homestead? Want to learn about chopping wood and building that perfect fast and hot fire in your new woodstove?

Mmmm... the aroma of fresh coffee, wholewheat pancakes and fresh maple syrup... can you smell it yet?

Our group is especially for Christian families raising children at home... and for whom one of the following is true:

1. You daydream about country living, but haven't made the big move yet...

2. You made your big move to the country, but you're definitely still learning...

3. You've been well-established on country acres for years and living the dream... and you have lots of tips to share with others!

We talk about everything from healthy chores and wholesome bread recipes to birdwatching and gun safety. Anything goes!!

We promote a philosophy of relaxed, productive, character-building, homespun country education. This group is for sharing our homesteading ideas and how country living affects the way we train our children.

Homeschool Country Living is an email list group. Once you have joined, just send an email to the list address and everybody will get to read and respond to what you write! It's that simple.

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