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ActivityTV, Unschooling Teens, INCH Convention

Added by Heather Idoni

Monday, May 7, 2012
Vol. 13 No. 10, May 7, 2012, ISSN: 1536-2035
(c) 2012, Heather Idoni - www.FamilyClassroom.net

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Winning Website
-- Arkive.org
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Notes from Heather

Getting Ready for INCH!

This week our family is packing for the INCH convention in Lansing, Michigan. We are bringing our wonderful audio stories, as well as hundreds and hundreds of low-priced used books and half-priced new ones. (No curriculum here -- just great "living" books!)

If you have plans to come, please stop by and say hello at the Beloved Books booth! :-)

-- Heather


Are you heading to your own local homeschool conference soon? Check out this previous issue which has an article with great tips for planning ahead to make the most of it!

Making the Most of Homeschool Curriculum Fairs


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Oak Meadow Families Share Their Thoughts...

“We have been super structured homeschoolers, as well as tried our hand at unschooling, but I think for us Oak Meadow is the perfect balance. I want my children to not only be well educated, but completely educated. The way that Oak Meadow allows for the entire person to grow is truly beautiful.”

“I tell people all the time how thorough and fantastic this curriculum is. My children...do not take well to memorization or workbook assignments. They love the hands-on approach and are learning to learn.”

“If you want to love homeschooling, use Oak Meadow. Have faith in it and enjoy it. It’s more than a curriculum, it’s a guide for a wonderful lifestyle of learning with your family.”

Learn more about Oak Meadow


Winning Website


"Arkive is an amazing collection of wildlife photos and videos. It is very comprehensive, and it would be a wonderful way to get find out about an animal for a project.

If you click on 'Education' at the bottom of the site, you will also find some free powerpoint presentations you can download, as well as educational games."

-- Julie, www.Homeschooling-Ideas.com


Helpful Tip

"The kids love to get movies from the library and one of them is the Activity TV series. Well, we discovered that there is a website, too -- www.ActivityTV.com -- and it is full of fun experiments, crafts, magic tricks and other fun activities."

-- Stephanie in Michigan


Last Issue's Reader Question

Latecomer to Unschooling

"I just started reading up on the unschooling method even though I've homeschooled for years now. Can anyone offer advice on this method -- especially during the teen years? It sounds very interesting the more I hear about it. Thanks!" -- C.M.


Our Answers

"Unschooling is basically a method of teaching which is very much unlike the traditional school setting. A child's learning program is completely individualized according to his aptitudes, gifts, interests, and his parents' wisdom. It's very difficult to tell someone how to do it, because no two unschooling situations look alike. You might use lots of books, or hardly any. The child might study through instruction, through independent study, or a combination of both.

I would suggest for a teen, start by listing the following:

  1. The child's strengths and weaknesses
  2. The child's passions, interests, hobbies and goals
  3. Specific skills that you believe the child will need to succeed in life
  4. How the child learns best (visual, auditory or hands-on)
  5. Possible careers that might be in the child's future
  6. Areas of knowledge and skills the child would like to pursue

After thorough consideration of those topics, you should have a fairly good sense of direction. Do a search on the internet of unschooling resources and read some of them. I especially recommend those by Dr. Raymond Moore.

If your child plans to attend college, you will want to figure out a suitable transcript format. Hope this helps." -- Mary Beth


Editor's notes...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Mary Beth! :-)

C.M. -- You might also want to read this in-depth article by unschooled teen, Andi Enns. She has included a lot of great resources, as well:



New Reader's Question

Practical Math Alternative to Algebra

"My daughter is entering 11th grade. We are looking for a math curriculum for her that includes home budgeting, banking, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!" -- Lesa


Would you like to share your math ideas with Lesa?

Just send your email to mailto:hn-answers@familyclassroom.net.


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