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History Highly Recommended, Science for Sixth Grade

By Heather Idoni

Added Thursday, May 13, 2010
Vol. 11 No. 27, May 13, 2010, ISSN: 1536-2035
© 2010, Heather Idoni - www.FamilyClassroom.net

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Notes from Heather

If you are attending the INCH convention in Michigan this weekend, stop by
and visit us at Beloved Books - booth #89!

Looking forward to seeing our Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Ontario friends!  :-)

-- Heather (and Carman!)


  NEW from Cardamom Publishers!

      Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks

With this 1890 kindergarten story curriculum, you'll enjoy
reading the old-time stories in this collection as much as
your child will enjoy listening to them. Originally written
and assembled by Sara Wiltse, this book combines familiar
stories, many from around the world, with little known and
forgotten stories that will make this a favorite book.

With over 125 illustrations, Kindergarten Stories & Morning
is the ideal first curriculum for homeschooling parents
and teachers of young children who enjoy and appreciate
vintage texts.

              Download a free sample story here!



Winning Website

Math Playground - http://www.mathplayground.com
Math games, word problems, logic puzzles, and math videos for all age levels
up to Algebra!
-- Katie @ Katie's Homeschool Cottage


Helpful Tip

History Recommendations from Terri Johnson


"I get asked all the time which history programs I recommend and why.  Well, I
have done quite a bit of research (with my own children as the guinea pigs in
many instances) and have some great recommendations for you." -- Terri

Terri is the creator/founder of HomeschoolingABCs, Upper Level Homeschool and
KnowledgeQuest Maps.  I highly recommend her review which is  available here  
in both audio and transcript format!  She reviews the following history curricula:

The Story of the World
Biblioplan for Families
Tapestry of Grace
TruthQuest History
Sonlight Curriculum

There is also an addendum about Mystery of History, which was reviewed

I think you will find Terri's observations very insightful!

-- Heather

Last Issue's Reader Question

"I am looking for a good 6th grade science curriculum.  Since we are
limited on supplies/equipment, I would prefer something without a lot
of 'bells and whistles'.  Thanks for your help!" -- Jo W.

Our Readers' Responses

"I recommend Rainbow Science by Beginnings Publishing.  This is a 2 year
general science course covering introductory Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Even though it is a bit pricey, all supplies are included except a container
of distilled water -- need a paper towel, it's in there; need a flashlight,
they have it; potting soil, check.  This is a very complete and enjoyable
science program designed to have 2 lessons and a lab each week.  We have
used it for both our children for middle school science and found that they
were more than ready for high school science classes afterwards.  While the
author is a Christian, he explains Christian belief and evolution theory
without debating the merits of either or pushing his own beliefs.  He has a
full, well-thought out program that is easy to teach and understand.  Also,
he is more than willing to help explain ideas or replace any supplies, even
if you purchase the program used." -- Anne Marie


"Have you looked at Real Science-4-Kids? I used their pre-level 1 with my
son this year and found it to be a very solid program. I have a MS in biology
so I'm picky about our science programs. Their books are a bit expensive if
you wish to buy them, but the company has the complete books on-line (using
Flash) for free. The activities use materials you probably already have at
home, though the biology books may need some extras." -- Colleen 


"Have you looked at Old Fashioned Education?   It is free!" -- M.


"We have had good luck with Apologia.  Though the books themselves do get kind
of pricey, they are designed to be used by homeschoolers so they don't require
a lot of equipment. Most of the stuff used is found around the house." -- Sandy


"Our kids are 16 years apart in age.  Our son's 6th grade was a long time ago
and we've a long time before our daughter gets there, so this isn't something
to which I've given a great deal of thought recently!

We used A Beka's sixth grade science book back then and LOVED it.  I might go
back to A Beka for my daughter. The book was 'Observing God's World'.  We only
used the student book and the test booklet.  It was cheap and easy on me and
fit with my son's learn-by-reading style." -- MaryEllen


"I have used Answers in Genesis series 'God's Design for...' for the past two
years and LOVE it.  My son is just finishing 6th grade this year and he has
repeatedly commented that Science is his favorite subject because of the things
he has learned.  You can view the series topics at this link.  There are twelve
books divided into 4 broad categories.  I have only used 1 book per year
(instead of 3) - there are about 25-30 lessons to a book, so I take one week per
lesson and add to the topic with library books.  The books are in full color and
have great follow up activities that you can do with everyday supplies -
effective but not elaborate.  There ar also supplements.  I did not purchase
the teacher's manual and have not missed having it.  I did purchase the student
packet of worksheets, quizzes and tests.  Each book is $25 or less, depending on
where you purchase it.  The student pages were only about $7. A great value.  I
can't say enough good things about these resources for Science!" -- Michelle in VA


"Hi, Jo -- I wanted to recommend Apologia's science program.   We have only
used the high school levels (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), but we have
found them to be very home-school friendly as well as budget friendly.  The
curriculum is written in a conversational style and they use mostly household
items as experiment supplies.  Apologia has an online book-extra website with
tons of great information to supplement your studies.  On this site I found
plenty of info to illustrate/replace the few experiments that we weren't able
to do at home." -- Michelle

NEW Reader Question

Test-taking and the Concept of Time;  Elementary Graduation Caps & Gowns


"During test-taking, my kids are usually slow, and like to take their time, even
though they are timed. They know how to say the time when they look at the clocks,
but they still do not understand the concept of time, which is understandable.
Still, how can I get them into the gear of understanding the concept of time?
They are in 1st grade and Kindergarten.  My first grade son likes to be neat and
organized while doing his school work.  As a result of that, he spends way too
much time on a particular question.  How can I help him work faster, taking into
consideration his age and grade level?  He is 7 years old.

Also, I'd like to know where to get graduation gowns and caps for my kids.  I've
heard of gowns and caps for high school homeschoolers, but what about those for
elementary school kids?  My first grader attended Kindergarten in a private school
and he had a swell time wearing the graduation gown and cap.  I'd like to do
something like this for them at home and invite few friends over.  Any ideas?
Thank you!" -- M. K.


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