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Amelia Earhart, Using 'Word Banks', IQ Testing?

By Heather Idoni

Added Thursday, October 22, 2009

                The Homeschooler's Notebook
     Encouragement and Advice for Homeschool Families
   Vol. 10 No 78                         October 22, 2009
                      ISSN: 1536-2035                              
   Copyright (c) 2009 - Heather Idoni, FamilyClassroom.net

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  -- In Our Write Minds
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       Notes from Heather

  Amelia Earhart Unit Study


  I've just created a mini-unit about Amelia Earhart with updated
  links to great sites online and ideas for language arts, math,
  science, etc.  The new movie "Amelia" comes out Friday -- and
  there are also good book recommendations.  Until I did some
  exploring online, I was unaware of all the theories surrounding
  her disappearance -- it makes for some fun online research for
  older children, especially for those with an interest in World
  War II studies.  Her famous flight took place toward the end of
  the Great Depression, so you could integrate a study of the
  decade as well!



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      Helpful Tip

  "Here's a cool site to check out for activities --


  The museum is in San Francisco, California, but obviously you can
  do the activities on your own at home.

  This is one we really liked --

  Enjoy!" -- a HomeschoolingBOYS.com group member


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      Winning Website

  In Our Write Minds - Using "Word Banks"

  WriteShop's blog has lots of great tips -- and not just for writing!
  Currently there is a great article to inspire creative fall writing
  -- using word banks.  Especially if you haven't heard of word banks
  before, check it out!


  -- Heather

      Last Issue's Reader Question

  "Hi, Everyone -- I was wondering if there are any free sites out
  there to test your child's IQ and give an explanation of what the
  numbers actually mean?" -- Bonita

      Editor's Response

  Dear Bonita,

  Online IQ tests are not considered to be reliable -- they are
  mostly just for fun.  I recommend reading the following book if
  you want to learn how to go about getting accurate IQ testing
  and what the results actually mean:

  Parent's Guide to IQ Testing and Gifted Education 

  HoagiesGifted.org recommends the above book and describes it as
  "A great introduction to IQ testing... it answers your questions
  from 'Why test?' to 'What do the scores mean?'"

  The following pages may also help in answering your questions:


  -- Heather

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  like her last year of science to be equine studies.  Our cover school
  said it would be okay if we focus on anatomical studies.  She needs a
  fourth science for her advanced diploma -- she has taken physical
  science, biology and now chemistry.  We need help locating resources
  to meet this level of course material.  We actually raise horses; she
  already has 8 on the farm.  Please -- any suggestions?" -- Pam


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