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Free Advertising, Free Museum Day, Selling Used Resources

By Heather Idoni

Added Thursday, September 03, 2009

                The Homeschooler's Notebook
     Encouragement and Advice for Homeschool Families
   Vol. 10 No 65                         September 3, 2009
                      ISSN: 1536-2035                              
   Copyright (c) 2009 - Heather Idoni, FamilyClassroom.net

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       Notes from Heather

  Kind Encouragement from a Reader


  "Hi, Heather -- I am a homeschool mom of 6 (five boys and a little
  girl).  I've been on your email list for probably 3 years now.  I
  just wanted to say that I appreciate the service you provide through
  your newsletter.  The suggested materials and homeschooling tips are
  always helpful.  I'm sure your work takes a great deal of time, but
  your effort is not made in vain.  Thanks so much for having a heart
  to bless your children through homeschooling and going far beyond
  by blessing all your email subscribers with your unique finds.  God
  bless you in your endeavors!" -- Dawn-Marie

  [That has to be the sweetest bundle of hugs ever sent my way! :-)
  Thanks, Dawn-Marie!  It really is readers like you that encourage
  me to keep at it.  (((((HUGS))))) back to you -- and to ALL of my
  supportive friends out there -- you know who you are! -- Heather]


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  here in our history index!

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      Helpful Tip

  Free Museum Passes for September 26th!


  "Mark your calendars!  September 26, 2009 is National Museum Day
  and each family can go here to download an admission card which will
  give you two free admissions to hundreds of museums nationwide.

  Go here to see a list of participating museums:


  and then go here:


  to print your free pass."

  -- Karen Lange, http://www.karenlange.bravehost.com

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      Winning Website

  Ancient Mediterranean History

  Greece, the Roman Empire, and Egypt are the three areas explored
  at the Ancient Mediterranean History site.  Here you'll find their
  histories, along with photos of ancient artifacts, timelines, and

  -- Cindy, http://www.HomeschoolingFromTheHeart.com

      Last Issue's Reader Question

  "Hi -- I'm finishing up home education with my last child and can't
  seem to find a good outlet to sell all of my teaching resources.
  We live on the Gulf Coast of Florida where there are not a lot of
  homeschoolers.  Any suggestions?  Looks like eBay and Amazon have a
  lot fees; not sure it would be worth my while. Thanks." --  Natalie

      Our Readers' Responses 

  Editor's note --

  A few of the comments are below, but just to keep all the links in
  one spot, here were the results of the options most recommended by
  our readers:

  #1 -- http://www.vegsource/homeschool/

  #2 -- http://www.homeschoolclassifieds.com

  #3 -- http://www.craigslist.com


  "Natalie -- I have found Craigslist.com to be a great resource to
  sell used items.  There are no fees and you can sell in your local
  area or close to it.  You can also look into homeschool support
  groups in your area.  Good Luck!" -- Michelle


  "I have used Vegsource.com and homeschoolclassifieds.com.  Vegsource
  is a list of items -- it's hard to find what you're looking for, but
  many people are on it.  Then there's homeschoolclassifieds.com.  I
  love this site -- it's very organized!  The only drawback is you
  are only allowed a predetermined amount of items for sale according
  to your 'credits'.  Both sites are free to post and sell.  Happy
  selling!" -- Tammy in VA


  "You might want to try Vegsource.  This site has a link to
  a homeschooling section and is a great resource to buy, sell and
  trade curriculum.  There are no fees for this site." -- Gena


  "I've been a member of HomeschoolClassifieds.com for 8 months now
  and LOVE it.  I've not only sold a lot there, but I've found a lot
  of bargains for this year and next.  It's free to join, and you can
  increase your credits by posting field trips, groups, or just your
  homeschool musings.  You can purchase credits for a reasonable amount,
  too.  The site owners are very responsive to input, also.  I love
  the 'wanted' list feature because many people have found that I want
  their stuff by looking there.  I don't even have to go searching
  for it!  I search other people's wanted lists before I post an item
  and can typically find sellers right away.

  There's a 'reputation; feature where you can check out a buyer or
  seller before finalizing a transaction.  I haven't had a single issue
  in about 40 transactions." -- Julie C.

  "Vegsource is a great place to sell and buy homeschool items.
  There is no selling fee.  The site gets a lot of traffic and things
  can sell quickly.  I have bought and sold many things over the years
  on this site, and I highly recommend it." -- Alyse

     Answer our NEW Question

  "Hi -- I have an 8 year old and a 7 year old and we have been
  homeschooling since October 2008.  This year (approximately 8 days
  ago) we began My Father's World curriculum.  The problem is that
  I can't keep up.  I know this is such a 'little' issue, but I am
  *really* struggling with it.

  I have dealt with depression for 18 years and I have recently changed
  meds.  It is wreaking havoc on our homeschool.  EVERYTHING seems such
  a big deal for me and I know all too well that this is a symptom of
  depression.  (Some are opposed to the idea of taking meds for this
  and the whole subject seems to be taboo.  I don't expect all to
  understand, but unless you've been there, you won't understand how
  it can be a living nightmare.  I have tried the 'no meds' road before
  and have prayed for the Lord to remove this.  He has given me a peace
  concerning the meds and, frankly, I'm tired of defending myself about
  taking them.)  But, I am really discouraged and feel like we are
  getting behind.  It also seems my kids are not interested in much of
  anything to do with school except art and math, so everything else is
  already a struggle.  I have always been concerned about the kids 'being
  on grade level'.  This really bothers me that they may not be and that
  we are gettting further behind.  I would love some advice and maybe a
  couple of ideas for 'unschooling'.  I do not want my kids to get burned
  out.  I want them to enjoy their learning.  However, I'm afraid I'm
  doing it wrong and that I am the problem.  Thanks." -- Leslie


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