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World Monopoly 55% Off, PC Skills Classes, Large Families

By Heather Idoni

Added Monday, August 10, 2009

                The Homeschooler's Notebook
     Encouragement and Advice for Homeschool Families
   Vol. 10 No 58                          August 10, 2009
                      ISSN: 1536-2035                              
   Copyright (c) 2009 - Heather Idoni, FamilyClassroom.net

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       Notes from Heather

  TODAY ONLY on Amazon.com - 55% OFF!

  Monopoly World Edition with Electronic Banking

  This looks great!  My kids love regular Monopoly, so I'm getting
  this one today while it is only $17.99!

  Thought I'd share this deal in case anyone else reads their
  newsletter in time to get it.  (I apologize if the deal is over
  -- I don't usually promote "one day only" deals, but I thought
  at least a few families could get in on it!)


  Four-Story Mistake Unit Study

  A few issues ago I mentioned that I had written a unit study
  (my first ever!) for one of my favorite books, "The Four-Story
  Mistake" by Elizabeth Enright.  Well, I've decided to offer the
  unit FREE on EasyFunSchool.com!

  It is packed with great Charlotte Mason style treasures -- lots of
  nature study, poetic prose, great vocabulary, character building
  opportunities, tidbits of science, and more!

  You can access it from the front page of the EFS website:


  The first 3 chapters' activities are all online -- and the other 9
  chapters will follow shortly. (I have it all written, I just have
  to html code it and link it all to other resource websites, etc.)

  "The Saturdays" is actually the first title in the series -- and it
  is used in Beyond Five-in-a-Row volume 3 -- but you can begin with
  Four-Story Mistake (it is not necessary to read the other first).

  You just need the book from the library -- or you can purchase the
  audio CDs (which are *very* well done!) if you don't want to read
  it aloud.  The audio books are available at a good discount from
  my online store -- http://www.BelovedBooks.com

  PLEASE pass this info onto all your friends!!  :-)

  -- Heather

  P.S. -- I started sharing the unit (a few days ago) with some of
  the Yahoo Groups I am on and also some that I moderate myself.
  Here are some of the comments I've received so far...

  "This is amazing that you would share this unit study right now! I
  was watering my vegetable garden yesterday morning and looking at
  my ripening tomatoes when I suddenly had the memory of reading the
  series of books of the Melendy family... which I dearly loved and
  read each and every summer of my childhood.

  In 'The Four Story Mistake' the children are helping their house-
  keeper, Cuffy, preserve all of their harvests in the kitchen.  The
  end results were hundreds of jars of 'jewels' that glowed in the
  sun through the windows of the kitchen.  I LOVE this series of
  books and always wished I could have lived with that wonderful
  family and in that amazing house!

  I am looking forward to using your unit study as I still have my
  beloved books from my childhood to share with my son.

  Thank you so much!"

  -- Debbie S., Member of the Homeschool Share Yahoo Group



  "Thanks for your work, Heather!  My 6th grade daughter has been
  reading and re-reading this book for years.  She'd be tickled pink
  if she actually got to do it for school!"

  -- Deborah, Member of the Homeschooling Gifted Yahoo Group



  "Thank you for sharing this with us!  We love the Melendys!"
  -- Loralee, Member of the HomeschoolingBOYS Yahoo Group



  ABCs class...

  NOTE:  If you have been thinking about signing up for Terri's
  HomeschoolingABCs class, hurry!  Time is running out!  The special
  Summer 2009 offer for over $275 in FREE curriculum bonuses is ending
  soon!  I highly recommend these classes.  See ad below. -- Heather


  Do you have comments to share?  Please do!
  Send your emails to:  mailto:heather@familyclassroom.net


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  are a brand new homeschooling parent or experienced by a few years,
  you will learn how to teach specifically to your children's unique
  learning styles, select the best possible curriculum for your family,
  learn how to stay focused, on-track and even organized, and more!

  PLUS, you will receive over $275 in curriculum bonuses with each
  class membership when you sign up this summer, 2009 - including
  A Child's Geography, In the Hands of a Child & WriteShop materials!

  Read more about this "must-take" class at the following link:



      Helpful Tip

  FREE Computer Skills Training Online


  "I just read last week's response to Mary Beth's question in
  regard to online computer skills classes.  I actually offer a free
  membership resource with over 300 videos, including many complete
  video courses:


  Check it out and enjoy!" -- David

  (Over 300 Microsoft Office 'how-to' videos!)


  Do you have an idea, experience, or tip to share?  Please write!
  Send to:  mailto:HN-ideas@familyclassroom.net

      Last Issue's Reader Question

  "Hi -- I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for encouraging
  books for larger Christian families?
  Currently I have a 12 year old, a 17 year old, and a 16 months old.
  We are planning to adopt again and I want to get tips on how to
  homeschool a large family, especially help with organization and
  Also, my 12 year old son is starting to go through puberty, which
  is another change.  Please pray for my strength in the Lord!"
  -- Bonita

      Our Readers' Responses 

  "I have four boys and I use 'Managers of Their Homes' (excellent
  book on home management):


  They also have similar items for chores and homeschooling.
  This is our first year homeschooling -- my hubby decided it would
  be best if we used A Beka Program 1, but I'm not sure what we will
  use in the future." -- Jessica


  "Bonita -- I homeschooled all 4 of my kids for 8 years with much
  success.  I used Sonlight a lot of the time and grouped kids as much
  as possible.  But for several years I grouped all of them (7 years
  from first to last) into one science, History and English.  They
  always did their own math (Saxon) and spelling (Spelling Power):


  I used a whole lot of younger ideas and just added tougher reading
  and experiments for the older kids.  I have had a lot of fun doing
  History Pockets (from Evan Moore Press) and just adding books from
  the library.

  I read several series of books to all of the kids at once and the
  older kids were just required to glean more out of the readings.
  We did all of the Chronicles of Narnia and Little House on the
  Prairie series -- and the Christian Heritage series (American
  historical fiction) by Nancy Rue.  We found these super Christian
  Heritage Teaching Guides
for the series:


  These were our favorite stories written about American history from
  a kid's point of view!

  Also -- when you think your kids have learned nothing the entire year
  you will find out you are oh so wrong -- one of the younger kids will
  pipe up on a conversation that you had with the older kids and things
  will just spill out about all they know and learned for the year.
  Good luck and God bless!" -- Jenna


  "Dear Bonita -- Here are 2 sources I'd recommend: www.Titus2.com
  has several resources and she homeschooled 8 children at once --
  'Managers of Their Homes' and 'Managers of Their Schools' will help
  with ideas for creating your own schedule that suits your family
  and each person individually within the family, plus ideas for what
  to do with toddlers while a highschooler needs some one-on-one with
  you.  Her book 'Homeschooloing with a Meek and Quiet Spirit' will
  help with the patience part.  Also, Vickie Farris, mother of 10 and
  wife of Michael Farris (Homeschool Legal Defense Assoc.), has a book
  out called 'A Mom Just Like You':


  All of these have helped me tremendously to keep my focus (and my
  sanity) with a lot of prayer and submission of my flesh to the Word
  of God.  May the Lord bless you in your endeavors for him!" -- Debi E.


  "Look up books by Steve and Teri Maxwell on Titus2.com.  'Managers
  of their Homes' (have read this one and loved what it has already
  done for my family!) and 'Preparing Sons' is another." -- Christa


  "Hi!  The 'Adopt and Homescool' Yahoo group is an encouragment:


  Also, some of the members have their own blogs which are great
  encouragement.  As far as books, I haven't found any that are
  specifically directed to the special situation of larger adoptive
  families, probably because these parents are so busy with their
  day-to-day that they haven't sat down to write one!" -- Dawn


  "There are two books I would recommend:  'Managers of Their Homes'
  by Terri and Steve Maxwell (www.titus2.com) -- and 'Mother's Rule
  of Life'
by Holly Pierlot (Catholic perspective, *very* thorough --
  available at Amazon.com):


  Hope that helps!" -- Mandi in SC


  "I just read the newest book by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and found
  it very encouraging, practical and faith-building.  It tells the
  story of their becoming a family of 20 -- and how God has provided
  for them as they applied godly principles.  It has recipes, organi-
  zational and teaching tips as well as their engaging story.  It's
  called, 'The Duggars, 20 and Counting':


  I found a copy at the library." -- Karen

     Answer our NEW Question

  "I would like to know if anyone has tried the Math-U-See program.
  As you all know, homeschooling can be expensive at times.  My two
  homeschooled children, 12 and 13, have learning disabilities.  This
  seems like a great program, but I would like some unbiased feedback
  (and not just off of their site).  Of course, they wouldn't print
  anything negative.  Let me know whether or not it is a case of
  'too-good-to-be-true'." -- Shelly T.

  Do you have input from experience with Math-U-See to share with Shelly? 

  Please send your answer to:  mailto:HN-answers@familyclassroom.net

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