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Front Page News, Target Free Museum Days, Burn-Out

By Heather Idoni

Added Thursday, April 30, 2009

                The Homeschooler's Notebook
     Encouragement and Advice for Homeschool Families
   Vol. 10 No 34                           April 30, 2009
                      ISSN: 1536-2035                              
   Copyright (c) 2009 - Heather Idoni, FamilyClassroom.net

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       Notes from Heather

  Support a Homeschooled Student to Win a National Competition!


  [One of our readers, Faith, wrote to me this week about her son's
  adventures entering a poster competition.  I think you will enjoy
  the story -- and I hope you will take the time to vote for him!]

  "I homeschool my four boys in the state of PA, which has a lot
  of homeschooling rules to follow.  Among them, we are required
  to teach the various aspects of safety each year.  Looking for
  a creative way to fulfill this obligation, I stumbled across the
  Sunwise organization, founded by MLB pitcher Curt Shilling's wife,
  Shondra.  Having survived skin cancer in her 30's, Shondra made
  it her passion to educate people about the dangers of the sun.
  To this end, the organization offers a poster competition to
  students between kindergarten and eighth grade. 

  Delighted, I coaxed my oldest son, an eighth grader, into drawing
  an entry for submission.  Armed with a stack of drawing books from
  the library, Toffer spent weeks putting together his poster, and
  was on track to complete it on time.  However, two days before the
  mail-in deadline, tragedy struck.  He burst into the room where I
  was putting his younger brother to bed, clutching his drawing and
  holding his squirming three-year-old brother under one arm. 

  'Look what he did!  He's ruined it!' he cried.  Indeed, Toffer's
  entry was now enhanced with scribbles in both colored pencil and
  permanent marker.  'I quit', he declared.  'I can never redo it
  in time.'  Once the other boys were safely in bed, I sat down with

  'Don't give up', I encouraged him.  'Just trace your original, and
  redraw the rest.  I'll stay up and keep you company.'  Grudgingly,
  he got to work; at his age, staying up late still has some appeal.
  'You'll look back on this and laugh someday', I offered.  'Just
  maybe not today.'

  Long after my night-owl husband had retired for the night, we
  stayed up working.  It was almost fun... almost.  The next day, I
  excused Toffer from his regular school work so he could complete
  his entry.  By the following evening, it was done.  By the next
  morning, it was mailed.

  Then, rather unexpectedly, we received an email stating that
  Toffer's entry had won first place in the state!  On-line voting
  to win the national competition began immediately, and will conclude
  May 10, 2009. 

  As a homeschooler, we saw immediately how difficult it would be to
  solicit votes outside a public school network.  Toffer has determined
  that any chance he has of winning is truly in God's hands.  Through
  it all he has learned a lesson or two about perserverence, and now
  has to see what his faith is all about –- win or lose.

  If you are willing to support Toffer, please vote for entry #27 at
  the following link (click to see posters in the middle of the page):


  Thanks, and happy homeschooling!"

  -- Faith C. in Pennsylvania


  Do you have comments to share?  Please do!
  Send your emails to:  mailto:heather@familyclassroom.net



      Helpful Tip

  Free Museum Days

  "Here is a list of Target sponsored Free Museum Days for many
  states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Florida,
  Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri,
  New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington
  -- throughout 2009."

  Do you have an idea, experience, or tip to share?  Please write!
  Send to:  mailto:HN-ideas@familyclassroom.net

      Winning Website

  The Newseum - Today's Front Pages


  Put a twist on your geography and/or current events studies with
  this great site that gives you front page news from all over the
  world!  See how what makes 'headline news' differs from Detroit to
  Los Angeles... or Jamaica to New Zealand!

      Last Issue's Reader Question

  "I've been homeschooling for many, many years.  I love my children
  and what I do, but I am tired.  I know God has given me this wonderful
  opportunity but I've never felt up to the task.  Can you give me some
  suggestions for putting new wind in my sails and the children's?
  Every time I see a book now -- or know I have to tackle another
  'learning issue' -- I get a knot in my stomach." -- J.S.

      Our Readers' Responses 

  "Dear J.S. -- I know how you feel.  I also feel that God told me to
  take my children out of school.  I couldn't get comfortable with any
  other type of schooling.  And what made things worse was reading
  about all these mums that do all these wonderful things with their
  kids.  I prayed and searched -- and then I believe that God showed
  me that I needed to see that my kids need a stable and unstressed
  approach.  I found UNSCHOOLING -- now this is just right for me.
  Try these sites -- I felt so good after reading this and I knew it
  was the answer for me!


  Type unschooling or deschooling into Google and then RELAX.  I hope
  this helps you!" -- Michaela


  "From personal experience, I have to say I was quite overwhelmed with
  twins in their Junior year of high school, a 3rd grader, a toddler
  and a nursing baby.  I felt guilty about not getting in my Bible study,
  we weren't finishing anything -- and now we are starting to talk about
  college when we aren't even caught up from having the baby a year
  What did we do?  Well, we started out with the third grader reading
  his Bible to me.  We both get in the Word and God -- and that provides
  the strength I need to get into the day.  That is the ONE and ONLY
  thing that will get you on track.  Then, since the older ones are on
  different schedules (one is in 1/2 day public school and the other is
  in part-time correspondence), we went to unit studies.  After a couple
  of those we finally felt like we might be able to get back to the
  task at hand.  Now, whenever we feel tired and overwhelmed, we turn
  back to the Word and go get a unit study.
  God bless you and yours." -- Marlena G.

     Answer our NEW Question

  "Hi -- I have two boys that I have homeschooled since birth.  My
  oldest is in the eighth grade and will be starting high school
  next year.  I have been feeling very inadequate lately.  My son
  has always been above average since pre-school, but ever since
  he has begun to go through puberty, he has been making loads of
  careless mistakes in his subjects, especially Pre-Algebra.  He will
  take a test in math and end up failing it; not because he doesn't
  know how to do the problem, but because of something careless like
  multiplying 3+2 instead of adding.  The really odd thing is that
  when I put the same problem on the dry erase board and have him
  work it again in front of me, he always gets the correct answer.
  I am so frustrated with him because I feel like if he can get the
  problem correct when working it in front of me, then why can't he
  get it correct when it really matters, like on his tests?  No matter
  how many things we have tried, nothing seems to be helping him pay
  more attention.  For the past two years, his standardized tests
  have shown this 'weakness' of his.  I am concerned that 'people'
  will think I am not teaching him anything!  I have told him that
  as far as anyone else knows, he just doesn't know how to do the
  problem at all; not that he made a tiny, careless mistake that
  caused him to get the entire problem wrong.  I am at my wit's end.
  Please -- someone out there tell me this is just hormones, and that
  the fog will lift off of his brain by the time he goes into the
  ninth grade.  I can't keep homeschooling him like this.  I am
  feeling the pressure of people in our life wondering why I don't
  just put him in public school so he can learn something before I
  ruin him for life.  The only reason people in our community know
  that he is struggling with math is that things come up occasionally
  in conversation with him that make him end up looking very foolish.
  He has a hard time with careless mistakes even in thinking real
  world word problems out loud.  It isn't that he doesn't know how
  to work them out because I know he does!  Help!!!  Any suggestions
  would be most welcome; we have tried everything." -- Very Discouraged


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