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Family Craft Box, Stocks for Kids, Back to Homeschooling

By Heather Idoni

Added Friday, November 21, 2008

The Homeschooler's Notebook
Encouragement and Advice for Homeschool Families
Vol. 9 No 92 November 21, 2008
ISSN: 1536-2035
Copyright (c) 2008 - Heather Idoni, FamilyClassroom.net

Welcome to the Homeschooler's Notebook!

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-- Science With Me!
Reader Question
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Notes from Heather

Create a Family Craft Box


This is a great list for pulling together a family craft box
for rainy day fun!


old shirts for smocks
old shower curtains for drop cloths
safety scissors
construction paper
scrap cloth
lunch bags
empty food cartons
colored pencils
popsicle sticks
tissue paper
cotton balls
anything else you can find!

-- Adapted from Tricia Gover, Homelife Magazine


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Helpful Tip

"My 10 year old and I have been discussing stocks. This is a
neat site where you can see what the stocks have sold for today.
Compare companies like Wal-mart and Apple Computers to Ford and
GM. It's amazing." -- Chastidy B.



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Winning Website

Science with Me!

'Science With Me!' is a free educational science website for
elementary age children. The site offers science animations,
movies, games, science coloring book pages, worksheets, fun
science projects for kids, and stories to help young children
learn scientific principles and science the fun way.

-- Cindy, www.HomeschoolingFromTheHeart.com

Last Issue's Reader Question

"I homeschooled my children years ago; at the time they were K
and 1st grade. We have had them in a private school since. I
find that there are so many areas of their education that is
lacking. I constantly ask my hubby why they aren't learning
this or that yet. I am frustrated with math speed drills that
my children are constantly taking. I am frustrated that every
year in Science/Social Studies, the exact same lessons are being
taught. The school in which they attend is the best school in
our area, but for me, personally, much is lacking in their curri-
culum. Last time we homeschooled, I was very structured. I am
hoping this time to be more relaxed. It is something that I am
trying to do across the board in all areas of my life.

Currently I am researching the idea of homeschooling again after
this school year is over. I will bring all info to my hubby, and
we will decide at the end of January if this is something our
family should do again.

Our children are currently in the 4th and 5th grades.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or anything else that I might
find helpful, please write." -- Brandi

Our Readers' Responses

"Look into this curriculum: Learning Adventures Unit Study

Both children can be taught at the same level so that will make
it easier on you. I believe you have to have a separate Math.

We used it and really enjoyed it." -- Chris E.


"Hi Brandi -- Sounds like you've already made up your mind --
why wait? One thing I would caution about though -- your
children are sure to have opinions of their own and you may
meet with resistance over leaving school with regard to getting
to see friends daily and keeping up with their chosen 'extras'
at school; the quality of education rarely is seen as an issue
with children that age! Be sure they understand that it is a
family building reason and that they will get loads of extra
time to pursue their own interests, not a change to educational
'boot camp'. Keep it positive and exciting and enjoy your time
with your children." -- Liz in BC


"Brandi -- any scope and sequence will probably help you answer
many of the questions you have. I like using the Core Knowledge
books as a guideline and creating my curriculum with that in the
back of my mind, but my children's interests in the front." -- Anne


"Brandi -- I have always homeschooled my children who are now
ages 11, 9, 6, and 4 years old. I like having structure, too.
This year we tried Georgia Virtual Academy. It's an online
public school for Georgia residents. Though you may not live
in Georgia, they have virtual academies available in other
states. They schedule all the lesson plans for you. They use
K12 curriculum. They also ship you all the materials you need,
including teacher's editions. It's free for us other than
consumable material like pencils, paper and such as these.
They also have teachers that work with us via online sessions.
It may be an avenue for you to go down if you choose to home-
school again. It really gave me the structure, peace of mind
and accountability that I needed. OR -- You can also find many
resources online to help homeschool. There are MANY, MANY sites
that offer free lesson plans or ideas for children plus educa-
tional games that help to drive the lessons in. Not sure if
this helps but it's a suggestion." -- Fran

Answer our NEW Question

We are fresh out of reader questions! I usually have dozens in
the queue, but I have finally run out.

For next issue, why don't we share our ideas for rainy day fun?

In my "notes" I shared a list of craft items to be gathered for
rainy days, mostly for younger children. What are some creative
things your OLDER children have done in the past, especially the
ones who LOVE to be outside, when they are stuck inside?


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