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Some Personal News, President's Day, Raising Godly Men

By Heather Idoni

Added Monday, February 18, 2008

The Homeschooler's Notebook
Encouragement and Advice for Homeschool Families
Vol. 9 No 14 February 18, 2008
ISSN: 1536-2035
Copyright (c) 2008 - Heather Idoni, FamilyClassroom.net

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Notes from Heather

Dear friends,

I have to share some very sad news -- and I wish I didn't!!

Our little baby girl's heart stopped beating a few days ago for
no apparent reason whatsover. I will need to deliver her as a
stillborn baby. I'm writing this on Saturday and putting it in
the queue to go out for Monday morning, so most of the 'hard part'
(labor and delivery) should be over by the time you read this.

I'm resting today and getting ready to go to the hospital tomorrow
for induction. So much for the home birth! UGH.

Amazingly, we are doing very, very well. I feel like God is carry-
ing me completely up over the waves -- and I actually feel like He
really prepared me for this. We will certainly miss our baby girl
but we know she is safe and at peace with the Lord. For those of
you familiar with the Corrie Ten Boom story -- well, I got my train
ticket! I know I will be grieving for a long time, but the healing
has already begun. My faith is strengthened. I'm not the first to
go through this and survive it... I just have to walk through it.

I think the most painful part is having to tell family and friends.
Please rejoice with me that God is using this circumstance to make
me a better mother and person. I certainly appreciate my boys and
the precious gift of their individual lives in a whole new way.

-- Heather

P.S. I know some of you will feel like you want to help in some
way if you can. I have lots of local friends, so we'll be well
taken care with meals, etc. I don't want ANYONE to feel obligated,
but I do have a 'donate' button now on the newsletter website
(lefthand side) if you feel led to give a small amount. It will
go toward burial expenses, etc. - http://www.familyclassroom.net

NOTE: In the event of a miracle -- (so many are praying for a
miraculous restoration of LIFE!) -- all donations received will be
*joyfully* refunded. ;-)

Here is a direct-to-PayPal link to make a contribution:


President's Day Fun!

Today is Presidents Day in the United States. Here is our link
to Presidential unit studies... and a lapbook project with freshly
updated websites and activities online:




Helpful Tip

"Though this is not directly related to homeschooling, it is
something that parents ought to know. See the link below."


-- Jenny


Do you have an idea, experience, or tip to share? Please write!
Send to: HN-ideas@familyclassroom.net

Resource Review

Resource: Christian Fiction Series - The Terrestria Chronicles

For more information or to order:


"If you are looking for a Biblically-based fiction series for
young readers, then look no further. Ed Dunlop has hit a home
run with the Terrestria Chronicles series. God has truly gifted
this man to communicate the simple truths of the Christian life
in a juvenile fiction series. The books are well written, teach
Biblically sound principles of living the Christian life, and
offer young readers a great deal of adventure along the way. They
are written simply enough that young readers can make the connec-
tion between the allegory and the real life principle, yet are
thought provoking and provide sound theology. Set in the Middle
Ages, these books will be an excellent addition to your Middle
Ages studies as well. We use these books as family read-a-louds
so that we are able to learn and discuss these Biblical principles
together, but recently my son began reading the first book in the
series on his own because the books are so great. With each book
we read from this series my kids beg for 'one more chapter' because
the stories are so captivating. If you have a youth in your life
that does not know the Lord Jesus Christ I would strongly urge you
to put these books into their hands immediately. Book One in the
series (The Sword, the Ring, and the Parchment) begins with the
best illustration of salvation that I have ever read. What a
great way to reach a young person for Christ!


Review by Missy at 'Homeschool His Way'

Last Issue's Reader Question

"Does anyone know of any resources for a structured course in
Godly manhood? My 14-year-old son spends a lot of time with his
father, and while I'm certain that's the best way for him to
learn to be a man, I would also like to present more structured
lessons to him in areas of leadership, provision, protection,
marriage, fatherhood, and manly skills such as carpentry, auto
repair, household maintenance, etc. Thanks!" -- Mary Beth

Our Readers' Responses

"Vision Forum -- www.visionforum.com -- has some excellent
resources for young men. Also, check out Christian Light Educa-
tion -- www.clp.org -- for some structured courses." -- Laura


"Our boys use a handbook for boys published by Keepers of the
Faith. The 'Contenders of the Faith' handbook is by Jeff Zakula.
It is described as a handbook for boys to prepare them to become
godly men, providers for their families, and to become the future
men of God. There are over one hundred skills for boys to learn
covering practical skills, spiritual life studies and service to

You can use the book as a family or start a club with other boys
who can work together to earn their badges in each of the skills.
Here is a link to view more info about the book:

Be sure to click on the Table of Contents to see the LONG list of
skills that are covered in the book. For each skill, the book
gives information about that skill and a list of 'things to do'
to learn that skill. It is an excellent resource to use with
your boys. There is also a Yahoo Group where people using the
handbook can share ideas." -- Andrea


"Vision Forum has a great series on Godly manhood. They have a
collection of 2 books and 23 CDs called 'Recovering Lost Lessons
in Manliness' Collection. If you hurry, it's on sale now."
-- Shannon in MN


"Check out Vision Forum and Door Posts. Excellent Biblical
materials." -- Suzanne C.


"An awesome website with all kinds of info on raising virtous
women and Godly men is www.visionforum.com .

Wonderful, wonderful!!!" -- Tara D.


"We have really enjoyed doing devotions through Bob Shult's books:
'Boyhood and Beyond' and 'Created for Work'. He has a wonderful
writing style and very thought-provoking devotions. He ends each
chapter with a few questions. My boys always have a smile on
their faces when we do these devotions." -- Jane T.


"I'd suggest you look at the resources at Vision Forum. They
are currently advertising a special price on a collection titled
'Recovering Lost Lessons in Manliness', though you can also pur-
chase individual parts. Another small book, 'Thoughts for Young
Men', is very good also. This ministry has a heart for training
and equipping Godly families - I think you will be impressed with
their resources." -- Laurie


"For the 'life skills' you mentioned, Scouts is an excellent
option. There are merit badges for auto mechanics and home
repairs which will help your son learn the basics. Other merit
badges would also teach life skills. In addition, as he tries
to decide on a career, merit badges can be a great way to intro-
duce him to several different fields; my son wants to be an
architect after completing the Architecture merit badge. As far
as Godly manhood, part of the focus of the Boy Scout Oath is
duty to God and country."


"A book you may consider having your son read with his father, or
by himself, is 'Boyhood and Beyond' by Bob Schultz. The subtitle
of the book is 'Practical Wisdom for Becoming a Man'. The intro-
duction says he's trying to use his own life experience and God's
word to encouragea a young man to become the man God wants him to
be and to develop his relationship with Him. The chapters cover
a wide range of subjects: authority, temptation, preparing for a
wife, justice, leadership, work, pain, etc. There's a lot here.
The end of each chapter has a scripture verse and questions to
answer, possibly in a journal. The book is published by Great
Expectations Book Company." -- Alisha

Answer our NEW Question

"I feel so behind for my school year. My husband, children and
I are caregivers for my parents who live in our home. Last week,
my dear father passed away in the wee morning hours. I am so
bogged down with every aspect of life. Can I get suggestions
from readers on how to make the most of this year and not lose
all summer to schooling. While we have not done much math or
science, my dear little ones have learned some amazing things
about life. They have learned to care for, feed and other neces-
sities for people who can do nothing in return. How can I get
back on track? Thank you." -- Jacqueline in Alabama


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