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Reader Feedback, Online Learning, Who-What-When?

By Heather Idoni

Added Friday, July 21, 2006

The Homeschooler's Notebook
Encouragement and Advice for Homeschool Families
Vol. 7 No 29 July 21, 2006
ISSN: 1536-2035
Copyright (c) 2006 - Heather Idoni, FamilyClassroom.net

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Notes from Heather

I received several emails from readers about last week's
featured article "Preschool... Pressure or Peace?", by Barbara
Frank. Thought I'd share some of them with you!

Our readers write...

"Thanks for this article. While in college I worked at a large
daycare, that today would probably be called a preschool
because it mixed the basics (colors, numbers, alphabet) with
lots of play, art and fun. After starting my own family 6 years
ago my husband and I were fortunate enough to work shifts
that allowed us to not need to have our children in daycare or

Several years ago we moved to California. My children were
then ages 2 and 4. The first thing that I noticed was a big
push from the state to have all children go to preschool with
implied message that if your child does not attend that he/she
will never go to college and will likely end up in trouble with the
law! (As if there was only one factor that determines juvenile
delinquency or high school dropout!) The next thing I noticed
was when I was at the playground. Other moms would com-
ment on how smart my children are, and ask what preschool
they attend. When I said none, that I keep them at home, that
was a conversation stopper! But after experimentation, if I said
that I home schooled, then that was OK, and the moms would
continue to talk.

It seems strange to me, that the things I do with my kids, teach
them their alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and all of the art
and play, would have to be considered "schooling" when it is
what any parent with a little knowledge can, should, (and many)
actually do. This push toward universal preschool has left many
parents with the impression that they cannot teach their child,
when in fact they are doing it every day when they read and play
with them." -- Cheryl


"Let me highly recommend also reading *Miseducation* by David
Elkind. It's a must read for avoiding "third grade burnout," short
circuiting "preschool pressure" that Barbara discussed, and let-
ting our children have their childhoods." -- Babette in CO


"I absolutely loved the article by Barbara Frank, concerning
'preschool pressures'. She is so right. I have homeschooled 2
of our children through high school, with our 3rd now in our home-
school high school as well. Thanks for printing this wonderful,
insightful advice." -- L.B.


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Helpful Tip

Do-It-Yourself Planner


"Here is a do-it-yourself planner with over 200 page templates.
They have several sizes to choose from and you just print what
you need on your own printer." -- Jodi in Iowa


Do you have an idea, experience, or tip to share? Please write!
Send to: HN-ideas@familyclassroom.net

Last Issue's Reader Question

Mary Beth wrote...

"I am asking for suggestions which I can pass on to a friend.
Her daughter just completed 8th grade in public school. They
are planning to do overseas mission work for a year, and will
not be able to take very many books. She would like to home-
school her daughter online, and is asking for recommedations
for online high school courses. She and I would appreciate
knowing about any resources you might be familiar with."

Our Readers' Responses

"If she will have computer access, I would recommend using
Ambleside Online (http://www.amblesideonline.com). They have
course suggestions from Kindergarten through 12th grade. It is a
Charlotte Mason approach (no textbooks), and the advisory board
has tried to keep to as many public domain books (read: available
online for free) as possible.

The other suggestion would be An Old Fashioned Education
(http://oldfashionededucation.com). This is more of a classical
approach. While this one does require some textbooks, they are
few and mainly for Science. The bulk of it is available for free
online." -- Dawn in Fort Worth, TX


"We use Ambleside Online and love it. Many of the books are
available online and through e-texts. The support group is
wonderful! At least check it out I think you will be very impressed."
www.amblesideonline.com -- Veronica in NC


"Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) is very popular with those
doing mission work. There are no books to lug around. Everything
is contained in workbooks. They are very portable."


"My daughter has been home schooled for the past three years.
She uses Alpha Omega Academy which is all done on the com-
puter and then transmitted on-line to the school. She will be
starting 9th grade this year. The price for high school is $1,000.00.
Middle school is a little cheaper. All school work is sent to the
parent on cd and you download it onto your computer." -- Delsie

Answer our NEW Question

Since we didn't have a reader question sent in this week, I will
ask one of my own! In a recent issue I shared about my son
Ben's "real life" summer vacation education in the mountains of
Wyoming. (He's very happy to be home, by the way!)

I'd love to hear from families who have special trips planned this
summer or from those who have returned from vacations where
some really neat "teachable moments" and educational oppor-
tunities have been a part of their experience.

You can share anything that you feel was a great experience...
something you planned to do... or something spontaneous that
was a pleasant surprise!

Looking forward to reading your emails!


Please send to: HN-answers@familyclassroom.net


Do you have a question you would like our readers to answer?

Send it to HN-questions@familyclassroom.net and we'll see
if we can help you out in a future issue!

Editor's Pick

Who, What, When? -- An Interactive Timeline


What a great find!! Keep this link handy... if your kids love
history like mine do, you'll use this site often! :-)

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